Perfection on the Plains

Everyone thinks they had the best wedding, they always do- but for once would you actually like to be right about that?

My name is Elsa Banks, Sioux City’s favorite wedding planner, and I’m here to bring you a day you and your guests will never forget. With over 50 weddings under my belt, my team and I have dealt with every issue imaginable, each time providing our clients with tasteful and outrageously fun weddings.

Who We Are and What We Do

Sioux City Wedding has been planning weddings in the area since 2013, earning glowing reviews and endorsements from a variety of publications. Here we specialize in all things weddings, taking the stress out of your magical day. From our initial consultation to your wedding day, we handle everything. Our general plan is as follows:

  • Initial Consultation- More information on this below, but here we discuss the very basics of your wedding plans, and ensure that we match well.
  • Choosing of Location- Perhaps the most important part of planning your wedding. Here we can recommend options or go through the logistical requirements of a location of your own choosing.
  • Making the Plan- From your centerpieces to your bridesmaids’ dresses, here we spend a lot of time making our way through the litany of details that go into your special day.
  • Meeting with Professionals- Once we have an idea of just how exactly you want your wedding, it’s time to meet with the vendors. From caterers to bands, we have fantastic connections to all of the best local professionals.
  • The Wedding- When all of the stress is at it’s highest, here is where we shine. We will conduct the entire rehearsal dinner and ensure that every second of your wedding- to the end of your reception- goes off without a hitch.

Setting up a Consultation

Perhaps the best way to know if Sioux City Wedding is best for you, is a simple conversation. I personally sit down with each and every prospective client to find out what makes them tick. Here we can go over every single one of your wildest wedding fantasies, as well as your practical and logistical needs. I’ll go through every thing I can do for a couple, taking them more thoroughly through my plan of action. If you’re ready to take this new step, please reach out to me here! I’m beyond excited to sit down with you, and can’t wait to meet you!